Women in tech: Panelist Spotlight – Rachel Robbins-Mayhill

Codeup is hosting a Women in Tech Panel in honor of Women’s History Month on March 29th, 2023! To further celebrate, we’d like to spotlight each of our panelists leading up to the discussion to learn a bit about their respective experiences as women in the tech industry! Meet Rachel!

rachel whm
Rachel Robbins-Mayhill is a Decision Science Analyst I in San Antonio, Texas. Rachel has had a varied career that includes counseling, teaching, training, community development, and military operations. Her focus has always been on assessing needs, identifying solutions, and educating individuals and groups on aligning needs and solutions in different contexts. Rachel’s passion for data science stems from her belief that data is a powerful tool for communicating patterns that can lead to hope and growth in the future.

In June 2022, Rachel graduated from Codeup’s Innis cohort, where she honed her skills in data science. Shortly after, she started working as a Data Science Technical Writer with Apex Systems as a Contractor for USAA in July 2022. Her unconventional role allowed her to understand where her skills could be best utilized to support USAA in a non-contract role.

Rachel recently joined USAA’s Data Science Delivery team as a Decision Science Analyst I in February 2023. The team is focused on delivering machine learning models for fraud prevention, and Rachel’s particular role centers around providing strategic process solutions for the team in collaboration with Operational and Model Risk components.

In addition to her career, Rachel is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Applied Data Science from Syracuse University, further expanding her knowledge and skills in the field. Rachel is passionate about collaborating with individuals who share her belief in the potential of others and strive to achieve growth through logical, informed action. She welcomes LinkedIn connections and is excited about supporting the network of CodeUp alumni!

We asked Rachel how Codeup impacted her career, and she replied “Codeup delivered a comprehensive education in all facets of the data science pipeline, laying a strong foundation for me to build upon. Through repeated hands-on practice, I developed a reliable process that was immediately applicable in my job. Collaborative group projects were instrumental in helping me hone my skills in project management, allowing me to navigate complex data science projects with comfortability. Thanks to this invaluable experience, I was able to make significant strides in my career within just six months of graduating from Codeup.”

Don’t forget to tune in on March 29th to sit in on an insightful conversation.